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Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Marin Heller, Heller Enterprises, Angelika Fitz



Interior Design, Market


'Realstadt. Wünsche als Wirklichkeit'
Architektur und Szenografie:

Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Intendanz: Martin Heller, Heller Enterprises

Konzept: Angelika Fitz, Martin Heller


'Real City - Wishes as Reality'

'Real City - Wishes as Reality'

'Real City - Wishes as Reality'

'Real City - Wishes as Reality'


The exhibition 'Real City – Wishes as Reality' used a great many models and projects to illustrate German urban development as a process, one involving many players and featuring a wide variety of wishes and preferences. The exhibition venue was the turbine hall of the former co-generation power station in Berlin-Mitte, having an area of around 8000 square metres. With its ruinous bulk, the turbine hall – itself a kind of extended urban landscape – can be seen as the biggest exhibit on show. Extending beneath the cathedral-like firmament of the turbine hall, the presentation plays with the differences in scale of the temporary city which has been put together from models. Ephemeral structures like the bar made of drinks crates, or the cash desk - which has been accommodated in a mobile sales trailer – give an analogous illustration of urban transformation as an ongoing process.

Comment by the nominators:
This presentation focuses on the short-term occupation of urban and industrial abandoned areas, using this as the basis for what is not so much a didactic exhibition as a visual and physical experience. The result is eminently convincing.