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Romance Berberat



Fashion Design, Newcomer


'Nous travaillons sans accident depuis 135 jours'


'Nous travaillons sans accident depuis 135 jours'


The men's collection 'Nous travaillons sans accident depuis 135 jours' (We have been working without accident for 135 days) investigates the potential links between a rural / agricultural clothing aesthetic and today's urban fashions. The aim was to unite these apparently opposed styles of clothing in hybrid form and so create a new style of men's fashion – one that would subtly play with the clichés of the supposedly poor taste of the rural population. The basis and source of inspiration for the work has been the designer's photographic researches, both at his home town in the country and in his present urban environment.

Comment by the nominators:
An altogether successful and aesthetically attractive merging of different Swiss walks of life, which demonstrates the possibility of building bridges between fashion on the one hand and clothing on the other.