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'FABRIC project'


'Fabric project'

'Fabric project'

'Fabric project'

'Fabric project'


'FABRIC Project' – these two-dimensional textile surfaces and three-dimensional textile objects have arisen from an intensive engagement with colours and surface qualities. The central theme in development of the design was the arrangement of the folds. Inspired perhaps by curtains, plastic bags, fabrics left lying on the floor or even the folds of rumpled bedclothes, the designer started by creating three-dimensional paper and textile installations. As a second step, she made two-dimensional fabric prints and then finally – in a kind of synthesis of the 2D and 3D effects - textile objects which she hopes will be understood as a new form of perception and as a challenge to fashion designers. 

Born in 1983, Stéphanie Baechler received her training as a textile designer from the School of Art and Design in Lucerne. In 2009 her diploma study won her a nomination for Design Prize Switzerland, and she has won other design prizes since. Stéphanie Baechler is a curious, imaginative and highly promising young designer. She is currently pursuing further studies in the Netherlands, and we are likely to hear a lot more about her in future.

Comments of the Nominators:
These highly idiosyncratic textiles and textile objects surprise, confuse and fascinate. An inspiring and provocative challenge to fashion and product designers to see what they can do with this material.

Comments by the Jury:
The idea of giving two-dimensional fabrics a three-dimensional appearance for once represents a visionary conception of what textiles are actually capable of becoming. Fabric project is a real challenge to fashion designers. But at the same time the material, taken in its own right, is a finished product serving as both ornament and clothing.