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'Tip Ton'


'Tip Ton'

'Tip Ton'


Tip Ton defines a whole new typology of the chair - the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action. The skids rise at a nine-degree angle and are slightly angled inwards – this makes it possible for the user to adopt two different sitting positions. Starting from the normal position, the stackable chair can be tilted forward without any loss of stability. The forward-tilted position straightens the pelvis and the spine, and thus improves circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. Tip Ton is the first chair to support dynamic sitting without any of the mechanical components commonly found in office chairs.

Comment by the nominators:
Tip Ton integrates ergonomic qualities with the domestic environment in a playful way, having an independent and self-confident formal idiom which impresses. With a minimal sleight of hand, it succeeds in creating an entirely new typology of the chair.