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Sibylle Stöckli

bookshelf 'DINA', bookmark, elastic and the book 'Zzz' (diploma work with the title 'I love books')
© FOC / Erwan Frotin

Sibylle Stöckli in her studio
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Product and Industrial Design



Bookshelf 'DINA', bookmark, elastic and the book 'Zzz' (diploma work with the title 'I love books')


Scenography for books – How can we keep the flood of books in our living rooms in check?

The Lausanne designer Sibylle Stöckli is not content with the uniform bookcases made by a well-known Swedish manufacturer and seen in a thousand homes. She creates her own highly individual solution for books and other problems relating to tidiness. Her multi-functional 'Dina' system is more than just a set of bookshelves. It is more like a scenography for the living room, at last making it easier to stow and present books that we have come to love. Starting with the observation that books still appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes, she suggests a multi-partite system. Borrowing from the industrial sizes A0 to A8, she developed boxes for multiple use. They can either be placed by the wall or used as room-dividers. You could have the basic element in A0 format, or as a carrying box with holes as handles, as a drawer unit or even as a little 'secret box' with a lid. In this way, books can be stowed away or presented in the best possible way, and when moving, the chests can also be used as transport boxes.

The designer has developed other meticulously designed accessories for the world of books: an elastic band helps to present books openly, while adhesive bookmarks make it easier for readers to find the last page they read. She has also invented a poetic book object for children: the black fabric cover shows sheep, and the letters 'zzz' are an overwhelming invitation to go to sleep. The book turns out to be an object with a fabric cover that folds right out, intended in the first place to stimulate children's imaginations, which is why there is no text at all. The designer Sibylle Stöckli understands how this lovingly designed object could be used to help to get children to sleep. It is rare for such surprisingly charming, unusual and practical solutions to be found for the everyday treatment of books.
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Sibylle Stöckli


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