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Guy Meldem

Illustration and art design for various posters, t-shirts, skateboards and publications
© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne

© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne



Graphic Design



Illustration and art design for various posters, t-shirts, skateboards and publications


The animal and us

Lausanne graphic designer Guy Meldem also works with Sami Benhadj and Tarik Hayward under the label 'Körner Union'. He creates a world very much of his own. The vague retro charm one encounters at first sight proves deceptive on closer inspection: Meldem's aesthetic is very radical and contemporary. Characteristic for Guy Meldem's work is a will to design and to create a personal universe. The hand-drawing is obviously very prominent: expression of a new delight in drawing by hand in the post-computer generation? Moreover, what stands out is Guy Meldem's unusual way of dealing with animals, a theme that runs through his work. Even the visual identity he has given to a skateboard manufacturer, carried through onto the boards, but also the printed matter and t-shirts, is made up of unusual animal drawings. Although one can sometimes make out birds and foxes most of the animals are really akin to mythical creatures. If someone has such an idiosyncratic graphic language, they should have difficulty working in a contractual relationship. The graphic designer trained at the Ecole cantonale d'art in Lausanne. He demonstrates the opposite and keeps his own handwriting even when working in a contractual relationship. He develops his flyers from the font, for example for the 'Dirty Dancing' series at the 'Loft' Lausanne music club: letters start to melt, to sprawl, lead an uncanny life of their own and in a way comment on what the words announce. Or a face pops up between the letters, in a couple of lines. Thus, a charm of its own is created that captivates and fascinates the beholder. Who could resist a closer look? Indeed, in Guy Meldem's work things seem to get a life of their own, to lead a kind of secret life, a life underneath the surface the beholder is urged to discover.
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Guy Meldem


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