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Pascale Osterwalder

'Wolfsspur - Visualisierung eines Unsichtbaren'
© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne

© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne



Graphic Design



'Wolfsspur - Visualisierung eines Unsichtbaren' (diploma work)


Tracing the invisible

The work 'Wolfsspur' of visual designer Pascale Osterwalder is based on something mostly invisible: the wolf. The species, eradicated in Switzerland since 1881, has only recently returned and stirs emotions particularly when they tear sheep to pieces at night. For three years now, a wolf that immigrated from Italy has been observed in the Surselva in the Graubünden, as one of only three documented and now protected wolves on Swiss soil. Yet the wolf is hardly ever directly visible. Only the damage it causes is. Pascale Osterwalder collaborated with a game warden, who took over the role of a mediator between the wolf and the designer. The monitoring of the game warden is meant to produce data to enable a coexistence of wolf and farm animal. The remarkable achievement of 'Wolfsspur' is a customised programme for the visualisation of data. The idea is to archive and bundle the data, put it into graphs and network it, and then publish it via the internet. Except on a few images taken by a self-triggered camera the wolf also remains invisible on the information platform. But there is plenty of information about him: a map, for example, visualises the migrant movement of the animal. The work developed as a diploma thesis at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich. The designer and web designer aimed to arrange the huge amount of data in a manageable way that it can be overviewed. The interface is designed in a very reduced and user friendly way. The longer the surfer clicks his way through the website, the more interesting the project becomes. It turns out to be an intelligent tool, able to be developed and updated. The work is convincing because it deals with an issue attractively, shows high information density and has an equally high information value for both interested laymen and researchers, yes even for the participating game warden.
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Pascale Osterwalder





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