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Simone Stocker

© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne

© FOC / Körner Union, Lausanne






Set of dishes 'Torlo'


Sculptural dishes

Simone Stocker, who did a specialist ceramics course at the Berner Schule für Gestaltung, impresses us with a precious set of dishes in five pieces. It is entitled 'Torlo' with a reference to the Italian word 'il tuorlo', the yolk. 'Torlo' stands for a simple, elegant and modern way of designing crockery. The set made of high-quality, pearl-white English china consists of a big flat plate, a soup plate, a bowl, a cup and a eggcup. The eggcup is actually yellow inside like the yolk of an egg, which adds a friendly touch to the multi-purpose set. 'The design must be timeless,' as the designer writes. Indeed it is sober and kept entirely in white, but the sophisticated shapes are very effective and appealing. The five pieces put together look like a opening blossom. The ceramics designer thus adds a strong sculptural character to the set without neglecting functionality. Simone Stocker developed the set from her diploma project, which has already been awarded a prize. The precious material – 'Audrey Blackman Porcelain' – represents accuracy, cleanness and soberness. This soberness is however qualified by an alluringly shimmering gloss which is even dishwasher-proof. Yet the set is no mass product but individually hand-made, which explains its relatively high price. This exclusive set of dishes is something for people who are not content with mass-produced china. The ceramics designer sees herself in the tradition of Bernese pottery, she wants to be classic, to do justice to the material without, however, setting aside a contemporary aesthetics. What stands out particularly is the unusual dimensioning: compared to the previous set, the pieces have been enlarged by ten percent, which considerably contributes to the impression of elegance and generosity. This is particularly the case when food is served: the meals do not take up the whole space and particularly show off the formal qualities of this attractive set of dishes to great advantage.
Peter Stohler





Simone Stocker