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Claudia Caviezel

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'Heil - PRIMEL'
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'bleiche LICHTNELKE'
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'Garten AMPFER'
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'ästige HIMBEERE'
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Textile Design



Textile design collection


Instinctive Excellence in Working with Patterns and Colours

How is it possible to keep creating new patterns without acquiring a signature style and without repeating oneself? To find out, look at the work of textile designer Claudia Caviezel, a native of Zug. She designed a remarkable number of fabrics in the five years she spent working for the haute couture fabric maker Jakob Schlaepfer in St. Gallen. Caviezel has a penchant for luxuriously sensual patterns, which she combines with a bold palette. Her work exudes a delight in experimentation. A design in chiffon, used for Akris creations, shows dabs of pink, orange, blue and yellow that are like swarms of fish afloat against a surprising pattern of swirling earth-coloured sand. From a distance, the ornamental patterns and colour combinations of sequined fabric for a Louis Vuitton collection look like bird's-eye photographs of North African desert cities. The one thing common to all of Cavieziel's designs is their instinctive excellence in working with patterns and colours. In her lavishly luxurious and glamorous designs, she consistently manages to give a vibrant new twist to old and familiar themes. Even the wildcat fur pattern on iridescent polyester for Vivian Westwood is utterly enchanting. Cavieziel's output strikingly demonstrates a mastery of complex techniques and discriminating skill in combining handcrafted work with industrial manufacture. Her creations, motivated by an almost infinite curiosity and experimentation, are a cornucopia of ideas executed with unerring perfection. Claudia Caviezel made her debut with 'Tape it', a spectacular diploma project presented at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Luzern (HGK Luzern) in 2002. Just a year later in 2003, she received the Swiss Federal Design Award, winning it a second time in 2007.
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'Latifa', drawing, 2006





Claudia Caviezel





Textildesignerin FH, MA in Design (European Design Labs, Madrid)


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