WT Residency programme in Amsterdam from January 2013


Werkplaats Typografie Residency Programm

Werkplaats Typografie Residency Programm


Particularly suitable for the field of graphic design; a studio space will be available for a total of four people in Amsterdam in the De Pijp district, either from January to June 2013 or from July to December 2013. This is an international design residency programme with well-known tutors; the language of the programme is English. BAK will make a contribution of CHF 12 000 to the living expenses of the award-winners for the duration of their stay.

The coordinators of the WT residency would like to meet and have a personal discussion with interested parties in Amsterdam. The travelling expenses for this are to be paid by the award-winners themselves.

Description of the WT residency programme
Werkplaats Typografie in Amsterdam is launching its residency programme for designers in September 2012; award-winners can focus on a practical project or on intensive research for six months. The residency studio will be available from January 2013 to four designers, fitted out with all the necessary requirements for work.

The programme includes weekly visits by the tutors: Karel Martens and Armand Mevis for discussion of conceptual and formal issues; Maxine Kopsa, Roland Früh and Paul Elliman for curating, research and theory. Trips to other cities and visits to other studios are also part of the programme as are regular tutorials with international designers and artists. The studio focuses largely on the intensive work of a project since we would like to support the residents in their work and facilitate a practical project. Furthermore we provide a network with opportunities for exhibitions and for producing publications.

Residents should therefore apply for the residency with a concrete project in mind. There are no specific requirements with regard to the type of project. The WT residency focuses largely on graphic design; however we are very interested in testing the boundaries and communalities of the various art and design disciplines and discussing projects from these diverse areas.

The WT residency provides a professional environment for discussions with other international designers and artists, as well as with tutors and has the goal of the development and presentation of a personal project in the field of design. Amsterdam ensures an ideal vibrant design-friendly environment.

Publications and links: www.wtresidency.org