Swiss Federal Design Competition

Swiss designers are eligible to take part in the Swiss Design Competition. The Federal Design Commission appoints the jury. It is assisted by prominent experts.
Since 2012 the age limit of 40 has been lifted.
The competition will take place in two rounds. In the first round the participants will submit a dossier to the jury. The selected competitors will then be invited to take part in a second round in which they will present their work. On this occasion the jury will name the prize winners. The total prize money is 25,000 francs. Some 18 prizes are awarded each year.
Please note the new entry conditions in our rules!

Ateliers and Internships

In connection with the Swiss Federal Design Awards, the Federal Department of Culture (BAK) is presenting scholarships for six-month studio residencies abroad as well as the prize money. The winners of the Swiss Design Award 2014 will have the opportunity to select one of the three following options instead of the prize money: an artist residency in New York, which covers accommodation and use of a large studio, a studio space in Werkplaats Typografie in Amsterdam (particularly aimed at designers), work experience, selected by the award-winner; BAK will assist in finding and securing the work experience position.

Artist residency in New York 2013/2014

Work experience positions
BAK will assist award-winners in finding suitable work experience positions and facilitate the individual needs and requirements of the award-winners. If you are interested in work experience opportunities, please contact Barbara Vlachos (Design promotion: Federal Department of Culture):
We will provide all possible support. If it is not possible to arrange a work experience position, you have the option of receiving the (usual) prize money.


Since 2002, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture helds an exhibition that presents the award-winning works of the Swiss Design Competition. These exhibitions are intended to present the creative process of Swiss design by exhibiting the works of award-winning designers to an interested audience. In order to to stimulate debate, the award-winning works and projects are not simply presented and documented but also put in a wider context by a series of various conferences and events permitting a closer look of current design trends.


Swiss Federal Office of Culture (FOC)
Design Promotion
Patrizia Crivelli
Hallwylstrasse 15
3003 Berne

How to apply

Both your application form and your project portfolio must be submitted online.

The application and portfolio submission are processed ONLINE at:

Application and portfolio submission : December 5th, 2014 – January 19th, 2015.

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