Rules and Schools

“It’s a Book…” is an independent publishing fair taking place on 15th of March 2014 at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, in correspondence to the Leipzig Book Fair. Entrepreneurs of the international independent publishing-scene are looking forward to meeting interested visitors and exchanging books and ideas.
Formerly initiated by Spector Books, this year’s event is organized by students of the department of graphic design and will open at the Academy of Visual Arts for the first time. Further, some celebrating is waiting ahead: The Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig commemorates its 250th anniversary, this year’s fair is accompanied by the 20 years jubilee exhibition of the Walter-Tiemann-Prize and finally, the first “BUGRA – Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik” opened in Leipzig 100 years ago. This “International Exhibition of Printing Arts and Graphics” in Leipzig was initiated by Max Seliger, back then director of the Leipzig Art Academy.

By recalling the past, the general importance of such institutions is broached: Hasn’t their existence become anachronistic, even dispensable? How do they still influence contemporary education in the field of graphic design and typography? Switzerland being the official host nation of this year’s Leipzig Book Fair, a symposium of lectures by various Swiss guests will be resuming the questions.

Symposium Leizpig Rules & Schools